An Ode to Hashnode

Good morning, my fellow night owls!

Disclaimer: despite the cunning auxiliary rhyme in the title, I assure you that the rest of this is a "free verse."


It's been three years since the Hashnode servers last logged any activity of this timid creature (Sandeep Panda, can we please get a fact check on this?) and I felt that Hashnode was honestly one of the best communities I have ever had the good fortune of joining. Call it an incident, call it my inexplicable need to blabber about "things" I loved, or call it a teenager's way of lending a helping hand; for himself. The discussions here were so high on on the mark with the line of logic but always polite, comforting and helpful.

I answered every question (?), every request my (still) intellectually challenged mind could untangle. And it was - pardon my repetition - the best. (A huge shoutout to Jan Vladimir Mostert).

And then it stopped.

Quite honestly, refreshing the Home Page to see if I had any notifications and seeing people actually liked what I wrote was (and, rest assured, still is) the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

It is a community in harmony where nobody delineates anyone on any grounds whatsoever. Unlike recent Open Source politics (the likes of which extend the boundary of this sheet), this is the place to be.

However, the support here was (and will always remain to be) one of my primary driving factors for teaching (more strictly, pontification upon at length) whatever I had learnt. As a self-taught developer, I never had the formal understanding of whatever I was learning or reading. Then came my first-love: mathematics. My two interests fused in such glorious co-existence, that every line of code I wrote, had a mathematical subtext to it.

And to this very day, I try to do whatever is in my reach and power to help any and every one with whatever they are struggling. I don't always succeed. Or am not correct. But that's the fun! That's the part about learning! In the comment section of, from my untrained eye, every thread on this forum, will teach you something new. I have, myself, learnt a great deal over here from discussions, replies or just comments. See to believe.

this.ctx.filter( event => event.age > 3 );

self.on( 'emotion', emotion => {
    return emotion.type === 'sadness' ? void 0 : emotion;
} );

I might sound like a small boy writing a page in his "nightly journal," but I just wanted everyone (who reads this to know), and I can not emphasize this enough, how grateful, excited and delighted (well, the thesaurus was of some use) I am to be back!

Well, now that I am back, I am more excited than ever to answer whatever is in my inbox! And I am, from the deepest "vain" of the heart, extremely sorry for being the this to your JavaScript. Much like my sense of humor, an annoyance.


I had the great opportunity of working with some of the most excellent startups in and around India; combined with some in Canada and Seattle and learnt heaps and stacks of things I wasn't even sure existed. Primarily using console.log, but you get the emotion! ;)

All for one. One for all.


P.S.: Please ignore any grammatical errors here. I had a lot to write but the words swayed sides!

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Shreyansh Pandey you are absolutely right. I remember receiving the hashnode goodies back in 2016. Coming from devmag to hashnode

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Welcome back to Hashnode, Shreyansh. Great to see your post. I guess you last visited Hashnode in late 2017. I have always loved your contributions and I am looking forward to reading them again. :D Keep them coming.

Shreyansh Pandey's photo

node, coffee and everything in between

Sandeep Panda, always a pleasure! I guess you are quite accurate on your analytics. ;)

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Excellent article Shreyansh Pandey 👏

I prefer Hashnode over other online communities too! I think it's high time active Hashnode users should come out and promote Hashnode. :)

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Slacking hacktivist. Full-time code monkey in a decorated cubicle.

Did someone say 🎉 stickers?! 🎉 No? Oh...

Well, I'd rock the something outta some Hashnode SWAG. I'll be sure to onboard several of the more prominently nerdy dweebs in my contacts. Pretty long list.

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Great post! And I'm not just saying that because of:

refreshing the Home Page to see if I had any notifications and seeing people actually liked what I wrote was (and, rest assured, still is) the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

Which is "pfftahaha" if I've ever read it (good thing). I just recently crash-landed on planet Hashnode. No clue how I found this place even though it was like last month... But yet, here I am, and I keep coming back. Gotta get my fix! Um.

/me scratches neck incessantly

We have like minds on this place for sure. Not to get all soft, but the limited reactions in the community that I've had so far were a lot more inviting than the sort of interactions you get to have on (e.g.) Stack Exchange or reddit, or even Discord (or IRC, Slack, Gitter, Rocket.Chat, Matrix, Telegram, ..., IRC + n), where n is the number of people who've finally figured out how to make heavy things move quickly on the ground with minimal effort. Forgot what it's called, but that's a good idea... I should take notes.

Weird tangent, holy what. But Discord has long since held the title of "best on-demand camaraderie" in my life as a strange internet person, the successor to reddit and co-piloting my digital social life with Discord as the two formats complement nicely. Very conducive to a sort of Goldilocks breed of interaction, and I have been more focused on my own pet projects than usual since it's dev-centric and keeps my mind on the things I... ought to... have on... my mind. Neat. Anyway, time for work. Kudos 🍌

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node, coffee and everything in between

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAH! /me scratches neck I thought you'd say - "Can I get it, bro? You know I am good."

But yeah, I am a part of SO and Hashnode. The former was initially a really good community which was really inviting, but as its popularity grew, people started to use it for their homework. There have been instances where I have seen a question like

I need to make a Ajax-based website. Can someone please give me the base code?

I mean, it's just insulting to everyone who answers the questions. And strict moderation, in that sense, is required.

However, I feel that Hashnode is different. Here, we have philosophy, ethics, programming, life, etc. and the discussions from these topics are really... interesting. Like, questions about what motivated you to write code; it's more of a camaraderie where people aren't just constricted to code. We are, of course, programmers; but we are more. And that's what Hashnode celebrates!

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I still check in once in a while, hardly get time to write articles anymore :-)